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April river flows

Below normal flows in the southwest of the South Island; above normal and far above normal flows in much of the North Island and north and east of the South Island.

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River flows, February to April 2011

 Cumulative flows over the three months, February to April 2011.

Outlook by region, May to July 2011

Northern North Island Normal river flows are likely
Southwest North Island Normal river flows are likely
Southeast North Island Normal river flows are likely
Northern South Island Normal river flows are likely
West and south South Island Normal or below normal river flows are likely
Eastern South Island Normal river flows are likely

Maps and more details of our three-monthly outlook for river flows, soil moisture, rainfall, and temperature are available in NIWA's Seasonal Climate Outlook. See the latest New Zealand Climate Update for more general climate forecasts and restrospective information.

Screenshot from NIWA river flow forecast tool
River flows, February to April 2011