Coralline Algae

This identification guide covers the common crustose coralline algae found in central New Zealand.

You'll find a two-page profile for each of 20 common species, with field data and detailed anatomical and taxonomic information, richly illustrated with colour and black-and-white photographs.


Coralline algae of central New Zealand: an identification guide to common crustose species. NIWA Information Series No. 57 (PDF 8.8 MB)

In addition, the central New Zealand guide is available in:

  • A4 book, spiral bound, 145 pages, high-quality paper, tabs for easy navigation for $50, order code NIN57CD
  • with PDF files for $30, order code NIN57CD
  • book plus CD, ordered together for $60, order code NIN57+NIN57CD

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Common coralline algae of northern New Zealand. NIWA Information Series No. 70 (PDF 14.1 MB)

Covering both crustose and turfing coralline algae found in northern New Zealand, this identification guide has a focus on recognising coralline algae in the field. It includes illustrated species profiles for more than 30 common species, with field data, distribution information, key characters, and photographs for each species.A chapter on molecular phylogeny features in the introductory section.

As well as general information on taxonomy, structure, and reproduction, techniques for collection, preservation, and identification, both identification guides contain:

  • identification keys
  • easy-to-use flow chart keys
  • an illustrated glossary.

The guides make coralline algal identification possible for a range of users, from professional phycologists to ecologists, students, and the interested amateur.

Both of the guides are available as downloadable PDF files by clicking on the images above.

Download the publications order form (PDF 24 KB)

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