Freshwater fish

NIWA research and tools support the protection, restoration and management of New Zealand’s freshwater fish species and the habitats that sustain them.

  • Scientists help lamprey to spread the love

    Media release
    Contraptions that resemble upside-down kitchen sinks have been placed in the Waikawa River in Southland to attract a notoriously elusive native fish species.
  • Scientists study eels by moonlight

    Media release
    Under the light of the moon where the river meets the sea, NIWA researchers are planning to catch tiny fish that are all but invisible to the naked eye.
  • Scientists hoping to solve great eel mystery

    Media release
    NIWA freshwater scientists are pinning their hopes of solving an age-old mystery on 10 female longfin eels who are about to begin an epic journey to their spawning grounds somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Freshwater fish swim their all for science

    The tiny inanga have been plucked from Waikato streams and held in a darkened laboratory for the last month, undertaking highly advanced testing to find the strongest, fittest and fastest fish.
  • Freshwater fish swim their all for science

    Media release
    In a secret training location on the outskirts of Hamilton, a squad of whitebait is being put through its paces by fish scientists.
  • The eel earbone detective

    Feature story
    As a young child growing up on an Irish farm, one of Eimear Egan’s chores was to regularly clean out the well from where her family drew its drinking water. In the well lived a large eel that, no matter how many times it was shifted, just kept coming back.
  • Fish Passage Assessment Tool

    The Fish Passage Assessment Tool has been developed to provide an easy to use, practical tool for recording instream structures and assessing their likely impact on fish movements and river connectivity.
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    Freshwater databases online

    More information about our online freshwater databases.
  • Freshwater fish species list

    A list all of New Zealand's freshwater fish species.
  • Guidelines for sampling freshwater fisheries

    We have prepared a breakdown of the different guidelines that are available for sampling freshwater fisheries. The overview provides links to key documents that explain what should be considered when designing fish monitoring studies and how to implement the various sampling techniques.
  • New Zealand fish passage guidelines

    Research Project
    The New Zealand Fish Passage Guidelines sets out recommended practice for the design of instream infrastructure to provide for fish passage.
  • NZ Freshwater Fish Database Help

    Learn how to use the New Zealand Freshwater Fish Database (NZFFD)