Ensuring ecosystem health/aquatic rehabilitation – a year in review

Many of New Zealand's rivers, lakes and estuaries are in a degraded state, restricting their ecosystems and the services they provide for society - abundant fish, desirable places for recreation, safe drinking water for humans and livestock.

The Ensuring ecosystem health programme aims to support rehabilitation of degraded freshwater and estuarine ecosystems.

The programme provides tools to:

  1. set achievable goals and timelines;
  2. facilitate co-management;
  3. reduce stressors below identified restoration thresholds;
  4. overcome habitat and connectivity bottlenecks for taonga and keystone species;
  5. manage legacy effects and eutrophic systems. 

In the last year a number of web tools and publications have been produced to achieve these goals, they include: 


NIWA staff with an eel caught during a lake survey (photograph by Ian Gear, In Gear Global).
Giant Kokopu