Coasts and Estuaries key contacts

Contacts are for our coasts and estuaries work.

Key contacts for Coasts and Estuaries services

Chief Scientist - Coasts and Estuaries

Dr Scott Stephens is a coastal-hazards scientist with a PhD in Earth Sciences from the University of Waikato. He joined NIWA in 2001 and specialises in extreme sea-level and wave analysis and assessment of coastal hazards for adaptation to sea-level rise. From 2019–21 Scott was an assistant regional manager, undertaking a wide range of NIWA's activities operations and science delivery. In 2021 he became Chief Scientist, overseeing NIWA’s science strategy and delivery for Coasts & Estuaries.

Strategy Manager - Coasts & Estuaries

Drew has worked for NIWA since 2002 and has extensive expertise in marine seafloor ecology in temperate coasts and estuaries and Antarctic coastal environments. This includes primary production and nutrient dynamics in softsediment habitats, animal-sediment interactions, disturbance-recovery processes, and ecosystem functioning. He took up his current role in 2021.

Principal Scientist - Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes

Andrew specialises in estuarine sedimentary processes and biogeomorphology, with 25 years experience as a research scientist. He holds a BSc and MSc (1st Class Honours, University of Auckland) and a PhD (The University of Queensland).  Specialist skills and interests include sediment geochronology, sediment-source tracing using compound specific stable isotope (CSSI)   techniques, mangrove ecology and morphological evolution, geostatistical methods and land use impacts on estuaries.  Andrew leads NIWA’s Catchments to Estuaries Programme, which is focused on understanding and predicting the connections between catchments and estuaries to improve the management of diffuse-source contaminants (i.e., fine sediments, nutrients and microbes) in estuaries. 

Andrew’s research involves multi-disciplinary research collaborations with scientists from NZ and international institutions. Projects include reconstruction of environmental changes using CSSI and radioisotope techniques, investigating human impacts on estuarine sedimentation regimes, predicting effects of fine suspended sediments and dissolved substances on estuarine water clarity, and the biophysical processes and feedbacks driving mangrove-forest ecology and biogeomorphic evolution. Andrew applies techniques and understanding gained from research to assist resource managers with integrated catchment-estuary management. 

Principal Scientist - Ecosystem Modelling

I lead NIWA's Aquacullture/Environment Interactions Programme. I am a member of the Marine Farming Association’s Research and Development committee and of the Technical Advisory Panel for the Marlborough Aquaculture Working Group.
I trained as a biologist and specialized in population and ecosystem modelling. I have developed models to simulate processes ranging from individual fish-growth, individual seabird foraging and up to spatially explicit biogeochemical models.  The biogeochemical models have included models of both waste-water processing systems and coastal water-quality.  Some of the latter models have explicitly included the influences of shellfish and fin-fish farms – and have been used to inform discussions related to shellfish and/or salmon farming in the Marlborough Sounds and elsewhere.  

Principal Scientist - Marine Ecology

Vonda is a marine ecologist with interest in the diversity and functioning of coastal seafloor communities and habitats and the environmental factors that influence them. Her research is focused on the implications of acidification, climate change and other anthropogenically-derived changes to our oceans, and how they influence key components of NZ and Antarctic ecosystems – now and into the future.

Chief Science Advisor

Graeme leads NIWA's Marine Biosecurity research programme, which is a partnership involving NIWA, the Cawthron Institute, and the Ministry for Primary Industries. He is a member of the IUCN Invasive Species Specialist Group, a Technical Advisor to the GEF/UNDP/IMO Global Ballast Water Management Programme and sits on advisory panels for implementation of New Zealand's Biosecurity Science Strategy and MAF Biosecurity NZ's Biosecurity Surveillance Committee. Graeme's research is primarily on the design and implementation of marine pest surveillance, including early detection, baseline and delimiting surveys for unwanted marine organisms. 

Marine Biologist

Daniel has headed up NIWA’s Protecting Marine Biodiversity programme since 2020. He and the NIWA biodiversity and collections team work to grow and disseminate knowledge and data on New Zealand’s unique biodiversity, so that it can be better protected and managed it in the future. Daniel is a benthic ecologist interested in community ecology, food webs and ecosystem functioning, as well as a marine nematode taxonomist.


Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes Scientist

I am a double PhD, 1st in Applied Mathematics and the 2nd in Physical Oceanography with a broad range of numerical modelling experience. My main interests are coastal and ocean hydro- and wave dynamics. I have over 10 years’ experience as a senior scientist in the disciplines of operational physical oceanography, coastal engineering and coastal dynamics research.

Ngāti Koata, Tainui-a-whiro, Ngāti Porou

Maori Organisational Development Manager

Darcel works closely with the General Manager – Māori and Pacific Partnerships, the Pou Whakarae – Te Hiringa Taiao and NIWA’s Operations Management Team to implement NIWA’s bicultural organisational development strategy. She works to enhance existing processes, develop and lead new initiatives and provide strategic advice and support.

Darcel also leads the science communication and outreach programme for Te Kūwaha; NIWA’s Māori workforce development and cultural competency programme; and Te Piko o te Māhuri – NIWA's Māori Capability Development programme. 

Principal Scientist - Environmental Social Science

Te Arawa, Ngāti Whakaue, Ngāti Pikiao, Te Whānau ā Apanui

Pou Whakarae - Te Hiringa Taiao

Erica joined NIWA in 1995 and has been a member of NIWA’s Te Kūwaha team since its inception. As Chief Scientist, Erica is responsible for driving high standards of quality, excellence, and innovation in NIWA’s science leadership in the Māori Environmental Research area. Erica has an extensive research career in the freshwater space with a focus on supporting the research aspirations of whānau, hapū and iwi. Erica is also a key mentor for Te Kūwaha team members and NIWA staff who engage in Māori environmental research. 

Science Advisor - Marine

Barb has a research background in marine biosecurity and the environmental sustainability of aquaculture. Today she leads NIWA’s coasts and oceans research, which focuses on ecosystem-based approaches to managing activities in New Zealand’s marine estate, so that economic and social benefits are realised while vulnerable components of the ecosystem are protected.

Full Staff List

Staff member Position
Dr Andrew Allison Coastal Adaptation Scientist Email Dr Andrew Allison
Owen Anderson Fisheries Scientist Email Owen Anderson
Connon Andrews Manager - Coastal Climate Risk & Infrastructure Email Connon Andrews
Dr Matt Bennion Coastal Marine Ecologist Email Dr Matt Bennion
Dr Jaret Bilewitch Molecular Biologist Email Dr Jaret Bilewitch
Jochen Bind Hydrodynamics and GIS Technician Email Jochen Bind
Dr Paula Blackett Principal Scientist - Environmental Social Science Email Dr Paula Blackett
Elliot Bowie Environmental Monitoring Technician Email Elliot Bowie
David Bremner Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes Technician Email David Bremner
Dr Niall Broekhuizen Principal Scientist - Ecosystem Modelling Email Dr Niall Broekhuizen
Rod Budd Principal Technician - Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes Email Rod Budd
Natalie Cameron Executive Assistant Email Natalie Cameron
Kelly Carter Marine Ecology Technician Email Kelly Carter
Megan Carter Marine Ecology Technician Email Megan Carter
Dr Charine Collins Regional Ocean Modelling Systems (ROMS) Numerical Modeller Email Dr Charine Collins
Dr Katie Cook Coastal Marine Ecologist Email Dr Katie Cook
Dr Vonda Cummings Principal Scientist - Marine Ecology Email Dr Vonda Cummings
Dr Roberta D'Archino Marine Biologist Email Dr Roberta D'Archino
Dr Samik Datta Population Modeller Email Dr Samik Datta
Dr Rob Davies-Colley Principal Scientist - Water Quality Email Dr Rob Davies-Colley
Dr Emily Douglas Marine Ecologist Email Dr Emily Douglas
Dr Bruce Dudley Hydrologist Email Dr Bruce Dudley
Michal Ferries Marine Ecology Technician Email Michal Ferries
Mark Gall Marine Ecologist Email Mark Gall
Brett Grant Principal Technician - Environmental Monitoring Email Brett Grant
Dr Arman Haddadchi Sediment Transport Scientist Email Dr Arman Haddadchi
Sarah Hailes Principal Technician - Marine Ecology Email Sarah Hailes
Dr Rachel Hale Marine Ecologist Email Dr Rachel Hale
Dr Sean Handley Marine Biologist Email Dr Sean Handley
Dr Barb Hayden Science Advisor - Marine Email Dr Barb Hayden
Paula Holland Environmental Economist Email Paula Holland
Dr Jo Hoyle River Geomorphologist Email Dr Jo Hoyle
Richie Hughes Marine Ecology Technician Email Richie Hughes
Christian Hyde Environmental Monitoring Technician Email Christian Hyde
Dr Graeme Inglis Chief Science Advisor Email Dr Graeme Inglis
Glen Irvine Senior Aquaculture Technician Email Glen Irvine
Dr Serena Keeler Marine Biologist Email Dr Serena Keeler
Dr Orlando Lam-Gordillo Coastal Marine Ecologist Email Dr Orlando Lam-Gordillo
Dr Henry Lane Biosecurity Scientist Email Dr Henry Lane
Eva Leunissen Marine Geospatial Analyst Email Eva Leunissen
Dr Drew Lohrer Strategy Manager - Coasts & Estuaries Email Dr Drew Lohrer
Dr Carolyn Lundquist Principal Scientist - Marine Ecology Email Dr Carolyn Lundquist
Jordan Luttrell Environmental Social Scientist Email Jordan Luttrell
Dr Helen Macdonald Regional Ocean Modelling System (ROMS) Numerical Modeller Email Dr Helen Macdonald
Dr Iain MacDonald Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes Scientist Email Dr Iain MacDonald
Jack Massuger Marine Ecology Technician Email Jack Massuger
Dr Fleur Matheson Aquatic Biogeochemist Email Dr Fleur Matheson
Dr Yvonne Matthews Environmental Economist Email Dr Yvonne Matthews
Kelly May Marine Scientist (Te Kuwaha) Email Kelly May
Lisa McCartain Marine Ecology Technician Email Lisa McCartain
Sarah McDermott Manager - Research Development Email Sarah McDermott
Tristan Meyers Analytical Meteorologist/Forecaster Email Tristan Meyers
Dr Irene Middleton Marine Ecologist Email Dr Irene Middleton
Crispin Middleton Principal Technician - Marine Ecology Email Crispin Middleton
John Montgomery Sediment Transport and Hydraulic Modeller Email John Montgomery
Dr Mark Morrison Marine Ecologist Email Dr Mark Morrison
Dr Joshu Mountjoy Strategy Manager - Oceans Email Dr Joshu Mountjoy
Kate Neill Marine Biologist Email Kate Neill
Ben Noll Meteorologist/Forecaster Email Ben Noll
Louis Olsen Principal Technician - Marine Ecology Email Louis Olsen
Samantha Parkes Marine Ecology Technician Email Samantha Parkes
Dr Darren Parsons Principal Scientist - Marine Ecology Email Dr Darren Parsons
Pete Pattinson Principal Technician - Environmental Monitoring Email Pete Pattinson
Dr Rachael Peart Marine Invertebrate Systematist Email Dr Rachael Peart
Steve Pether Manager - NAC Operations Email Steve Pether
Dr Matt Pinkerton Principal Scientist - Marine Ecology, Remote Sensing Email Dr Matt Pinkerton
Dr David Plew Hydrodynamics Scientist Email Dr David Plew
Gareth Preston Instrument Technician Email Gareth Preston
Lily Pryor Rodgers Marine Ecology Technician Email Lily Pryor Rodgers
William Quinn Marine Electronics Technician Email William Quinn
Neelesh Rampal Data Scientist Email Neelesh Rampal
Dr Christo Rautenbach Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes Scientist Email Dr Christo Rautenbach
Glen Reeve Principal Technician - Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes Email Glen Reeve
Darcel Rickard Maori Organisational Development Manager Email Darcel Rickard
Dr Ashley Rowden Principal Scientist - Marine Ecology Email Dr Ashley Rowden
Nichola Salmond Marine Ecology Technician Email Nichola Salmond
Dr Sarah Seabrook Marine Biogeochemist Email Dr Sarah Seabrook
Kimberley Seaward Principal Technician - Marine Ecology Email Kimberley Seaward
Dr Ude Shankar GIS Specialist Email Dr Ude Shankar
Brendon Smith Mechanical Engineering Technician Email Brendon Smith
Dr Jeanie Stenton-Dozey Marine Ecologist Email Dr Jeanie Stenton-Dozey
Phoebe Stewart-Sinclair Quantitative Marine Ecologist Email Phoebe Stewart-Sinclair
Dr Rebecca Stott Environmental Health - Microbiology Scientist Email Dr Rebecca Stott
Dr Andrew Swales Principal Scientist - Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes Email Dr Andrew Swales
Dr Leigh Tait Marine Ecologist Email Dr Leigh Tait
Sanjay Wadhwa GIS Analyst Email Sanjay Wadhwa
James Williams Risk Research Assistant Email James Williams
Dr Erica Williams Pou Whakarae - Te Hiringa Taiao Email Dr Erica Williams
Dr Chris Woods Marine Ecologist Email Dr Chris Woods
Dr Zhonghou Xu Coastal Modeller Email Dr Zhonghou Xu
Dr John Zeldis Principal Scientist - Marine Ecology Email Dr John Zeldis


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