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Seasonal climate summaries from summer 2001 to the present.


New Zealand’s fifth-warmest summer on record
New Zealand’s second-warmest spring on record
New Zealand’s second consecutive warmest winter on record
A warm autumn with bursts of heavy rainfall
Dry for much of the country, near average temperatures
A warm and wet spring for much of New Zealand
New Zealand’s warmest winter on record.
A dry autumn for most areas of the country.
Flooding in the south; drought in the north.
Warmest recorded November closes 12th warmest Spring
7th-warmest winter on record and near normal rainfall
New Zealand’s 4th-warmest autumn on record.
New Zealand’s third-warmest summer on record
Spring 2018: a season of weather swings for New Zealand
A mild winter for much of the country and dry in parts of the South Island.
A warm start to autumn, then cooler and unsettled at times.
New Zealand's hottest summer on record.
Equal second-warmest spring on record for New Zealand
A very wet winter for the eastern South Island, mild temperatures for most of the country

Wettest autumn on record for parts of the North Island

A cool summer for most but dry in the north and east

A wetter and warmer than normal spring for many.
A warm winter for most and dry in eastern Canterbury.
Second warmest autumn on record, wet for the West Coast.