Seasonal climate summaries from summer 2001 to the present.


Warmest winter on record for New Zealand.
A warm autumn; dry and sunny to start with, followed by more unsettled weather.
Very dry for the North Island. An extremely sunny summer across the country.
A sunny and cool spring for many regions. Rather dry for much of North Island and Marlborough.
A season of two halves: cold and dry, then wet and warm.
Dry and record sunny over South Island.
North Island and Nelson – short changed!
Extremely dry Taupo north; wet eastern South Island.
Dry and sunny, with a snowy finish.
Warm and wet for many regions.
Heat waves and deluges.
Sunny & dry in southwest; mild & wet for northeast.
Sunny & dry in southwest; mild & wet for northeast.
Warm & wet South Island, sunny North Island.
Cold start, hot finish!
Extremely dry for much of the South Island.
June 2009 was dominated by higher-than-normal pressures over the country, resulting in more frosts and much colder than normal temperatures everywhere.
Autumn 2009: Cold and sunny for most places; dry in the north and wet in the south.
Wet in many areas; mild and sunny in the North Island and northern South Island; heat wave in early February.

Dry in the north and east, mild and sunny for much of the country.

Winter 2008: Very stormy and wet with floods and snow to low levels.
Autumn 2008: a season of extremes – heatwaves, drought, floods and frost.
Warm; extremely cloudy and wet in the far north, extremely dry in the Waikato and record sunshine in the south.

Very windy mid spring, dry with significant soil moisture deficits at the end of the season

Sunshine: One of the sunniest springs on record in Horowhenua, Wellington, Marlborough, and Nelson
Rainfall: Below or near normal throughout New Zealand
Soil moisture: Significant deficits in many regions at the end of the season
Temperature: Near average everywhere

Spring 2007 was a mixed bag!