The science team includes plant and animal ecologists with expertise in a range of fields.

National and International collaborators are an important part of the programme.

The NIWA Team

  • Dr Vonda Cummings
  • Dr Drew Lohrer
  • Dr David Bowden
  • Dr Neill Barr

The collaborators

  • Dr Simon Thrush (University of Auckland)
  • Professor Paul Dayton (SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography, US)
  • Drs Mariachiara Chiantore and Riccardo Cattaneo-Vietti (University of Genoa, Italy)
  • Dr Ken Ryan (Victoria University of Wellington)

The support crew

Antarctic marine research is only possible with lots of help from your friends. In particular, Rod Budd and Pete Notman supervise our diving programmes, and Chazz Marriott, Scott Edhouse and Dave Bremner are science divers and super techs who contribute to the field work and analyses.

Rod Budd checks out conditions before the next diver enters the water