Luke Wang

Climate Data Technician


Master of Engineering - Bioengineering - South China Sea Institude of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Bachelor of Science - Environment Science - Sun Yat-sen University


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Database management, climate service products development.

Research Outputs

Heavy metal pollution in coastal areas of South China: A review

Luke (Shuailong) Wang, Xiangrong Xu, Yuxin Sun, Jinling Liu, Huabin Li

Comparative analysis of two 16S rRNA gene-based PCR primer sets provides insight into the diversity distribution patterns of anammox bacteria in different environments

Luke (Shuailong) Wang, Yiguo Hong, Jiapeng Wu, Xiangrong Xu, Liying Bin, Yueping Pan, Fengjie Guan, Jiali Wen

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