Dr Hamish Biggs

Ecohydraulics Scientist


PhD Engineering


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Hamish is an Ecohydraulics and Remote Sensing Scientist at NIWA. His research focuses on the development of novel experimental methods and measurement systems. His areas of expertise include: river remote sensing, sediment transport, turbulence, flow vegetation interactions, flood measurements, bank erosion, instream habitat assessments, programming and data analysis. He leads a range of projects within these areas of research. Previously completed projects include: (1) The ‘drone flow project’ which developed new systems for remote sensing of flow in rivers and assessment of physical habitat; (2) The ‘rolling stones project’ which investigated bedload transport in rivers during floods using in-situ ‘smart-stone’ sensors; (3) The ‘cyanobacteria aerial monitoring project’ which developed methods for remote sensing toxic cyanobacteria in rivers with multispectral and hyperspectral camera systems; (4) The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Pacific Innovation project which developed and deployed prototype stereoscopic camera stations for flood measurement in remote areas in Fiji.

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