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New Zealand Palaeotsunami Database

The New Zealand Palaeotsunami Database (Database) brings together all known information about tsunamis that occurred prior to written records.

The purpose of the Database is to increase awareness of New Zealand's tsunami hazard and facilitate processing and analysis of palaeotsunami information. It consolidates published and unpublished research contributions from a range of institutions and science providers, both domestic and overseas, on palaeotsunamis in Aotearoa-New Zealand. The Database contains more than 400 line items and most likely describes more than 50 palaeotsunami events. It is not intended to be complete however, rather as research progresses iterations will be made to remove erroneous data and add new data. The information is freely available to you.

Screen shot of Palaeotsunami Database application [NIWA]

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The following organisations have contriubuted to the Database :