Bay of Plenty

The topography of the North Island has a profound effect on the weather of the Bay of Plenty region.

The sheltering provided by high country on three sides produces a climate that is one of the sunniest and least windy in New Zealand.

The annual rainfall is quite plentiful compared with some eastern parts of the country, although there is considerable rainfall variability. Most of the rainfall in the region, and especially heavy rain, occurs when northerly airstreams of tropical origin are forced to ascend over the land. Temperatures too are subject to considerable variability.

The seas in the Bay of Plenty, because of the presence of a warm ocean current and sheltering provided by the North Island, are among the calmest and warmest in New Zealand.

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Chappell, P.R. 2013. The climate and weather of Bay of Plenty. NIWA Science and Technology Series 62, 40 pp.

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