Our Far South

Our Far South: Beyond Stewart Island was a month-long voyage around Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic islands in 2012, organised by economist and investor Gareth Morgan.

The voyage aimed to raise New Zealanders' awareness of the issues that face the region south of Stewart Island: the Southern Ocean, the sub-Antarctic islands, and Antarctica. New Zealand has a significant stake in this huge region, which faces significant opportunities and challenges.

The main themes explored during the voyage were:

  • climate change
  • protecting biodiversity
  • overfishing
  • tourism
  • mineral exploitation, and
  • the territorial aspirations of various countries.

50 New Zealanders took part. They included NIWA’s Dr Rob Murdoch, and people from entertainment, science, education, industry and environmental organisations. Dr Murdoch presented seminars about NIWA's work on Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.

We produced a number of videos to go with Dr Murdoch’s presentations. You can watch them below.

NIWA's General Manager of Research, Rob Murdoch, during the Our Far South voyage. Credit: Our Far South
Composite image of Antarctica in the global context. [NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio, nasaimages.org]
Mt Erebus. Credit: Darren Robinson