Antarctica research voyage achievements


Dr Richard O’Driscoll, Voyage Leader aboard RV Tangaroa for the NZ-Australia Antarctica Ecosystems Voyage 2015 says the research project accomplished all science objectives they set out to achieve.

Some summary facts and figures from the voyage include:

  • Nearly 15,000 km travelled.
  • Over 520 hours of whale song recordings with more than 40,000 individual calls detected.
  • Photo-identification of 58 individual blue whales (including re-sightings).
  • Biopsy samples from 11 humpback and blue whales.
  • 40 trawls (18 demersal tows and 22 midwater tows).
  • 111 species or species groups caught.
  • 3,129 fish and krill individually measured.
  • 370 biological sample lots retained for further analysis.
  • 345 gigabytes of echosounder acoustic data recorded.
  • Nearly 1,000 hours of continuous underway oceanographic and atmospheric data collection.
  • Over 3,500 litres of seawater filtered.
  • 33 on-board experiments to measure primary production.
  • 55 underway conductivity-temperature-depth (CTD) profiles.
  • Twelve Argo oceanographic floats deployed.
  • Ten deployments of a continuous plankton recorder (CPR).
  • 200 days recording time for moored echosounder monitoring silverfish migration in Terra Nova Bay over winter.
  • Eight scientific echosounders calibrated.

This is a satisfying list of achievements to contribute to scientific knowledge of the Antarctic ecosystems and the result of fantastic teamwork by the large group that made this voyage a success.

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