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Some councils will have a kit that they may be able to lend out or provide training for.  For example, Greater Wellington Regional Council, in partnership with Mountains to Sea Wellington, offers freshwater training modules for community groups. You can find more information here. Contact your local council to find out if they have opportunities for further training.

There are a number of organisations that use the SHMAK as part of their monitoring and education programmes and may be contracted to offer SHMAK training.

NZ Landcare Trust

NZ Landcare Trust supports the formation of catchment groups throughout the country. For more information on how they can support, or help you form a catchment group, visit NZ Landcare Trust Regions & People to contact the nearest Regional Coordinator to you. They also have great resources around forming a catchment group - check out their resources section.

Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust (MTSCT)

MTSCT uses SHMAK as part of their Whitebait Connection Programme. You can hire out a kit from MTSCT or contact the programme to discuss training options. Visit Whitebait Connection for more information.

Mountains to Sea Wellington (MTSW)

MTSW operates in the Wellington and Manawatū regions. MTSW delivers the Whitebait Connection Programme and uses SHMAK as part of their freshwater education. You can find more information here including how to be added to their mailing list and engage with their freshwater citizen science training.

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