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Freshwater pest species

This is a user guide on non-native fish, reptile, invertebrate, algal and plant species that are recorded in New Zealand freshwaters.

This resource introduces the most invasive freshwater animals and plants found in New Zealand, how they got here and how they spread, assessment of the threats they pose to our freshwaters, how and by who they are managed under biosecurity legislation. The guide outlines current and potential species distributions in New Zealand, preferred habitat, dispersal mechanisms, identification features, similar species and how to distinguish these, current biosecurity status and biosecurity risks.

The establishment of alien pest species in New Zealand's freshwater systems continues to threaten the values and utility of our natural resources. Early identification of new pest incursions and appropriate action can help prevent further spread or mitigate their impacts. Water body managers and agency field staff also require resources on pests to aid in inventory, surveillance and monitoring.

This guide is an updated resource to replace the online resource Freshwater Pests of New Zealand 2013. They address nine fish species, a reptile, eleven invertebrate species, three algal species and thirty-two weed species.

The guide can be downloaded here.

Freshwater invasive species of New Zealand 2020 publication cover. [NIWA]