Examples and expertise

NIWA has wide-ranging expertise in toxicology testing.

NIWA has wide-ranging expertise in toxicology testing.

Examples of commercial and research toxicity testing:

  • new pesticides for wastewater treatment ponds
  • evaluation of effluent treatment strategies
  • risk assessment of emerging chemicals of concern
  • risk assessment of mine leachates into freshwater streams
  • development of site-specific guidelines for contaminants (ANZECC methodology)
  • literature and database search for novel piscicides (pest fish control
  • compounds) suitable for New Zealand
  • design and implementation of monitoring programmes to comply with resource
  • consent conditions of marine and freshwater sewage outfalls
  • registration of herbicides with ERMA
  • dredge spoil toxicity
  • assessment of storm-water toxicity in urban streams

NIWA ecotoxicology team expertise:

  • compliance with the Resource Management Act
  • resource consents
  • risk assessment
  • toxicity testing (lab and field)
  • toxicity identification and evaluation (TIE)
  • in-situ biomonitoring
  • contaminant bioavailability
  • product research (ecotoxicity literature and database searches)
  • assessment of environmental effects (AEE)
  • product registration with ERMA
  • ANZECC Guidelines
  • whole effluent toxicity testing (WETT)
  • sediment testing
  • native New Zealand invertebrates and fish
  • chemistry (organic and inorganic)
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