Population modelling software

Casal2 is an advanced software package developed by NIWA for modelling the population dynamics of marine species.

Casal2 is NIWA’s new integrated assessment tool for modelling population dynamics of marine species, including fishery stock assessments. CASAL2 expands functionality and maintainability over its predecessor, CASAL. CASAL2 can be used for quantitative assessments of marine populations, including fish, invertebrates, marine mammals and seabirds.


The NIWA Casal2 Development Team welcomes your contributions and feedback. Information about the use and development of Casal2 is available at https://casal2.github.io/


CASAL will still be maintained by the development team. For information on CASAL you can download the manual from:

CASAL user manual (PDF 3.9 MB)

CASAL software, documentation, example files, and R utility files are also available on request. A copy of CASAL is freely available on request. Requests for CASAL or more information about CASAL can be made by contacting the Casal2 Development Team.