NIWA Biodiversity Memoirs

The NIWA Biodiversity Memoir (NBM) series comprises technical works that describe New Zealand’s invertebrate marine life—sponges, corals, hydroids, worms, molluscs, crustaceans, sea stars and lesser-known groups. They are beautifully presented, stand-alone monographs that reveal the history and diversity of the subject groups, with new species names and revisionary work that is relevant globally.

These important publications are indispensable references for academic researchers and postgraduate students interested in marine systematics and the conservation of New Zealand’s unique aquatic biodiversity, much of which is found nowhere else in the world.

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NIWA Biodiversity Memoirs

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NBM127 Lorz, A.-N.; Coleman, C.O. 2013 The marine fauna of New Zealand and the Ross Sea: Amphipoda, Synopiidae (Crustacea). Arthropoda, Crustacea, deepsea, taxonomy PDF icon NIWA Biodiversity Memoir 127 (PDF, 56 MB, 160 p.) Buy hard copy ($35)
NBM128 Sim-Smith, C.; Kelly, M. 2015 The Marine Fauna of New Zealand: Sponges in the family Geodiidae (Demospongiae: Astrophorina). Sponge, Porifera, Astrophorida, Tetractinellida, taxonomy PDF icon NIWA Biodiversity Memoir 128 (PDF, 6 MB, 102 p.) Buy hard copy ($35)
NBM129 Cairns, S. D. 2016 The Marine Fauna of New Zealand: Primnoid octocorals (Anthozoa, Alcyonacea) - Part 2. Primnoella, Callozostron, Metafannyella, Callogorgia, Fanellia and other genera. Cnidaria, coral, gorgonian, Primnoidae, taxonomy PDF icon NIWA Biodiversity Memoir 129 (PDF, 15 MB, 132 p.) Buy hard copy ($35)
NBM130 Reiswig, H.M.; Kelly, M. 2018 The marine fauna of New Zealand: Euplectellid glass sponges (Hexactinellida, Lyssacinosida, Euplectellidae). venus flowerbasket, glass sponge, Porifera, taxonomy PDF icon NIWA Biodiversity Memoir 130 (In press) (PDF, 13 MB, 174 p.) Buy hard copy ($35)
NBM131 Chang, F.H. 2019 The Marine Biota of New Zealand. Catalogue and description of the coccolithophores (Haptophyta, Coccolithophyceae), calcareous, scale-bearing microalgae, in New Zealand waters coccolithophores, heterococcoliths, holococcoliths, cell abundances, New Zealand, taxonomy, biogeography, microalgae PDF icon NIWA Biodiversity Memoir 131 (PDF, 11 MB, 128 p.) Buy hard copy ($35)
NBM132 Schnabel, K.E. 2020 The Marine Fauna of New Zealand. Squat lobsters (Crustacea, Decapoda, Chirostyloidea) Arthropoda, squat lobster, taxonomy, galatheids, Chirostylidae, Eumunididae, Sternostylidae PDF icon NIWA Biodiversity Memoir 132 (PDF, 21 MB, 356 p.) Buy hard copy ($50)