Enso & SST

ENSO and Sea Surface TEmperatures

Warmer than average seas around Kiribati

SST anomalies have still shown little change since July, with an area of warm 30°C surface waters and positive SST anomalies (at least 1.0°C above average) between the Solomon Islands and Western Kiribati. SST anomalies also continued 1.0°C or more above average about and to the east of the Tuamotu Islands. A tongue of cooler equatorial waters remains off the South American coast, enhancing the east-west temperature gradient somewhat. Eastern equatorial SSTs are expected to stay in the neutral range into 2002. The October Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) averaged -0.3; the 3-month mean was �0.4, with trade winds remaining slightly enhanced east of the Dateline in the central equatorial Pacific.

Sea surface temperature anomalies (°C) for October 2001

Mean sea surface temperatures (°C) for October 2001