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Our scientists provide the knowledge key for evidence-based decision-making and for our society as a whole.

David Bowden

NIWA delivers the accessible science that decision-makers need

“Climate change affects everyone – so it’s important people from all backgrounds can make sense of it”

Petra Pearce - Climate Scientist

Our team generates climate projections for New Zealand using the latest models and the processing power of a world-class super computer.

Read the report - Climate change projections for New Zealand

Our scientists provide guidance on the changes that regions may expect into the future, as well as specific impacts from climate change. This information lets planners and decision-makers identify levels of risk, helps communities understand changes in climate extremes and provides regional-scale high resolution maps and detailed reports to regional councils.

We communicate this complex science in easily-digestible videos and short summary reports that are tailored for each region. Watch the video - Auckland region climate change projections and impacts

Our state-of-the-art computing power will transform our ability to predict climate change impacts in New Zealand

“It helps us understand how Earth’s climate is changing and visualise changes in the present, future or past as well as illustrating how it might respond to external influences such as greenhouse gas emissions”

Dr Jonny Williams, Earth System Modelling Scientist

Bringing together data on atmospheric, oceanic, biological and chemical processes that, together, influence global climate, our climate simulations are about to get far more detailed thanks to NIWA’s earth system modellers, funded by The Deep South National Challenge.


We measure ocean acidification and its impacts in New Zealand

“It’s imperative that scientists like myself are not just monitoring impacts, but also seeking solutions to climate change and ocean acidification"

Dr Cliff Law, Principal Scientist-Marine Biogeochemistry

The CARIM (Coastal Acidification: Rate, Impacts and Management) project led by NIWA is looking at the rate and impacts of acidification and how to manage NZ coastal. CARIM will investigate the sensitivity of 3 iconic NZ species – Green-lipped mussels, Paua and Snapper.

We monitor sea levels for New Zealand

Our science generates key data for the official record of sea levels for the State of the Environment report.

Read the State of the Environment report.


We track the recovery of the ozone hole and its impacts on climate change

“Climate change is more than warming of the Earth’s surface. The changes will be pervasive, affecting all aspects of weather. This will require a good understanding of what’s coming.”

Dr Olaf Morgenstern, Principal Scientist - Atmosphere and Climate

While the major drivers of global warming are increasing abundances of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, the ozone hole has caused large changes in atmospheric circulation that in summer have even dominated climate change in Southern midlatitudes. NIWA is investigating these linkages, and how ozone recovery will affect climate change in the future.

Learn about chemistry-climate modelling

NIWA’s contribution to the Aerosols and Chemistry Model Intercomparison Project (AerChemMIP), which will inform the 6th Assessment Report of IPCC.

Learn more about the Aerosols and Chemistry Model Intercomparison Project

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