Help using the National Climate Database (CliFlo)

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CliFlo introduction

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Query form

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Complex query

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Output fix

CliFlo 6: Output fix


How do I reset my password? 

Please email [email protected] with your username to receive a new temporary password.

How do I open the output file? 

Please refer to Cliflo ‘output fix’ video above for help on opening Cliflo outputs in Excel or a similar programme. 

Why am I not seeing any data in my query output?

Please make sure you are logged into Cliflo. If you're not logged in you will not be able to receive data.

Also check the station's start and end dates to make sure that the data you are requesting is within these.

You can also check that a station has a specific data type for the period you are interested in by clicking on the station's name (from the returned list when you search for stations), scrolling to the bottom of the station information page and clicking ‘Check data availability’. 

Why can I only get 40,000 rows at a time?

All Cliflo users are given this limitation to ease the load on our database. Cliflo has many users downloading data each day and this limit ensures fair access for everyone and helps us avoid database crashes.

Helpful tip

Clicking the little blue question marks beside each part of the data query page will take you to CliFlo help and provide more information on data types, units, periods of measurement and more. 

Further questions?

Email [email protected] with any further questions.