Value of Crown Research Institutes

2 reports presenting the value of Crown Research Institutes in Aotearoa New Zealand's science system today and pathways to the future.

Value of Crown Research Institutes in Aotearoa New Zealand’s science system today

This report provides a contemporary overview of the CRIs, their collaborations and the value they provide to the nation today. This is done using eight key focus areas: emergency response, biosecurity and public health, biodiversity, water resources, climate change, energy, food and fibre sectors and manufacturing, and land use.

Pathways to the Future

This report is presented by the CRI Chairs and CEOs as a think piece or strawman to help advance the discussion on the future of the research, science and innovation system. It proposes a pathway which, they believe, will energise the role of science in advancing our nation’s economic, environmental, social and cultural prosperity. It includes recommendations intended to trigger informed and objective discussion.