Weather and climate forecasting data services

We can deliver forecasts using API, GIS and web interfaces, all underpinned by our data analytics expertise.

Weather and climate forecasting data services

Forecasts by API 

NIWA can deliver forecasts by API (application programming interface) so you integrate our data feeds directly into your own systems.

Web interfaces and custom solutions

Alternately we also have several web interfaces you can use to access our forecast model data – or we can work with you to build custom solutions. 

Forecasting as a GIS service

Another mode of delivery for our forecasts is using GIS. By overlaying your own assets, infrastructure maps or areas of interest with NIWA weather data, you will have access to the best information to make the best decisions. 

You can define the asset-specific weather conditions you’re most interested in and use these to generate alerts and warnings in a geo-temporal context using dashboards and other applications.

Our web-based dashboard helps you to: 

  • assess the potential risks faced by your assets, infrastructure or operations
  • forecast hazards that may impact your assets, infrastructure or operations
  • schedule environmental condition-dependent operations
  • prepare for significant weather.

Data analytics

With expertise and experience in data analytics and machine learning, we can leverage our wealth of weather and climate data (high-resolution modelling, climate database and historic weather data) to develop predictive analytics to inform your business needs. For instance, how does weather impact your sales or how has it affected modes of transportation? 


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