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2018 - Chatham Rise seabed

The R V Tangaroa headed to the Chatham Rise from 9 May to 7 June 2018 to measure and monitor the effects of seabed disturbance on sealife.




Prospective Survey Area Prospective Survey Area

Chatham Rise Bentic Protected Area Chatham Rise Benthic Protected Area

At least nine separate highly specialised pieces of equipment will be deployed from NIWA's research vessel Tangaroa, in water up to 500m deep. The equipment includes an underwater glider, three undersea observational platforms - known as benthic landers - a multi-corer to take sediment samples, seabed moorings, an underwater camera that will towed along the seafloor and a "benthic disturber".

The aim of the voyage is to disturb a small area of the seabed and create a sediment plume using the benthic disturber. The plume will then be measured and monitored along with the effects on the seabed animals.