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Ecotoxicology services

NIWA offers a range of standard toxicity tests for both freshwater and marine environments.

Ecotoxicology Testing Service

NIWA's tests are based on established, internationally recognised protocols. In addition, NIWA is at the cutting edge of toxicity-related research in New Zealand, and has a wide range of specialised tests.

Toxicity tests generally use a range of species – from algae to fish – in order to provide the greatest coverage, as no one species is likely to be sensitive to all pollutants.

Detailed documentation on Standard Methods for Whole Effluent Toxicity Testing (MfE) 

Questions you need to be asking. Questions that we can answer.

What toxic substances are present in that:

  • groundwater?
  • fish?
  • shellfish?
  • sediment?
  • leachate?
  • wastewater?

What are the ecological risks to:

  • plants?
  • invertebrates, fish?
  • biological communities?

Other questions:

  • Are there significant environmental effects?
  • What effect will this development have?
  • How do I comply with ANZECC guidelines?
  • How do I treat this waste water?
  • Is this an environmentally friendly product?
  • How do I register a product with ERMA?

NIWA Ecotoxicology

NIWA can form multidisciplinary teams of New Zealand’s best aquatic scientists to address the particular needs of your project. 

NIWA scientists are involved in pure and applied research and have up-to-date scientific expertise available to address your environmental concerns.

We can combine current research with client projects to provide in-depth environmental solutions.

Mussel sperm. [NIWA]