This is a record of changes made to the section of NIWA's website relating to our analysis of New Zealand temperature trends.

Please note that pages directly linked from here are exact copies of the versions on our website before that change date. As such, the links on these pages point to the current live versions of those respective documents, not the archived ones. If you are interested in finding old versions of pages that are linked from these archived pages, then look for a direct link from this page. The only other option would have been to change the URLs in the links on the directly linked archived pages, which would have had the unwanted side effect of changing the pages that were supposed to remain unchanged. This, in turn, would have required records of that change on this changes page, which might have become unwieldy.

Changes December 2010

Introduction page

A new paragraph was added to mention and link to the review process and changes section.

Previous version

'Seven-station' series page

This has been broken up to have separate reference and adjustments pages.

View the old 'seven-station' series page.

Spreadsheet of the 'seven-station' series temperature data

Replaced with an updated version, with a few minor changes as a result of the BOM review.

Previous version of the spreadsheet (XLS 58 KB)

Note that all raw data remains unaffected and is available for download from CliFlo.


Schedule of adjustments

This PDF has been replaced by seven different PDF documents, one for each of the locations. 

See the seven different PDF documents

See the old Schedule of adjustments.

Hokitika adjustments

This has been updated to match the format of the other six location documents.

View the old Hokitika Adjustments (PDF 416 KB)

Changes July 2010

Seven-station temperature data spreadsheet

The spreadsheet was updated to correct a historical data entry error for one location for a month in 1910.

A number of other changes were made in the climate database:

  • digitising small amounts of data from early last century previously held in paper records in Wellington and Nelson
  • creating two station numbers for Hokitika to reflect the fact there were two sites. 

Full technical notes on those changes are here.