ACRE Pacific

ACRE Pacific is a NIWA-led part of the the wider ACRE initiative, run by the UK Met Office. ACRE stands for Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions over the Earth and it undertakes and facilitates the recovery of historic instrumental surface terrestrial and marine global weather observations to underpin 3D weather reconstructions (reanalyses) spanning the last 200-250 years for climate applications and impacts needs worldwide. All of the historical surface weather data and the reanalyses are freely available.

ACRE Pacific focuses on the New Zealand-South Pacific region. Historic barometric pressure data has been submitted to the International Surface Pressure Databank (ISPD) for centres around New Zealand, with data dating back to the 1850s in some places.

ACRE Pacific data submitted to ISPD

Auckland, Albert Park Barracks: 1854-1883; 1909-1949

Auckland, Auckland Museum: 1883-1909

Auckland, Chapel St: 1851-1865

Auckland, Devonport: 1928-1931

Auckland, Mechanics Bay: 1939-1958

Christchurch, Gardens: 1863-1880

Lincoln, Agricultural College: 1881-1906

Christchurch, Magnetic Observatory: 1905-1915

Dunedin, Burns series: 1852-1854; 1854-1864

Dunedin, Geological Survey: 1864-1871

Dunedin, Telegraph Office: 1913-1936

Raoul Island: 1937-1999

Rarotonga, Radio Station: 1934-1950

Cook Islands, Penrhyn: 1937-1996

Cook Islands, Pukapuka: 1929-2000

Cook Islands, Rarotonga Airport: 1948-2010

Cook Islands, Rarotonga Avarua: 1929-1933

Niue, Alofi: 1905-1985

Tonga, Nukualofa: 1888


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