Chatham Islands

The weather of the Chatham Islands is marked by rapid changes of conditions, and typically windy cloudy conditions.

Rainfall is moderate and reliable with a winter maximum. Although rain falls on the Chatham Islands on about 200 days a year, amounts are generally small. Most rain falls as showers in southerly airstreams, but occasional heavy rain is associated with warm northerlies.

The Islands are surrounded by the vast South Pacific Ocean. Temperature extremes are rare because of the ever present wind and also due to the influence of the ocean in modifying passing airstreams. Fishing plays a large role in the economic wellbeing of the Islands’ community, but rough seas and strong winds can curtail this activity. Gale force winds can blow for several days on end.

The climate of the Chatham Islands has been found suitable for sheep farming, and there are areas where, with suitable shelter, orchards and vegetable gardens are highly productive.

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Pearce, P.R. 2016. The climate and weather of the Chatham Islands. NIWA Science and Technology Series 73, 36 pp.

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