NIWA's contribution to Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment's report


The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has released a report warning that New Zealand needs to better prepare for rising seas on its coastal towns and cities.

The report is titled Preparing New Zealand for Rising Seas, Certainty and Uncertainty.

NIWA's contribution to the Report

NIWA contributed two reports that informed the Parliamentary Commissioner’s Report.

Report 1 covers the national and regional risk exposure in low-lying coastal areas – including area, population, buildings and infrastructure.

Report 2 covers the effect of sea-level rise on the frequency of extreme sea levels in New Zealand.

Media notes 

NIWA has prepared notes for the media and other interested parties on these two reports.

Download the Media Notes on NIWA’s contribution to the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s report [1.4 MB DOC]


These Media Notes contain two graphics showing highest regional counts and a national summary for the two elevation zones (described in the Media Notes).

For convenience these can be downloaded below, but should be used with reference to the Media Notes above. 

Figure ES2.1:National Summary for Elevation Zones 0—1.5M [1.8 MB PNG]

Figure ES2.2: National Summary for Elevation Zones 0—3M [1.8 MB PNG]