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Contacts for our natural hazards services.

Key contacts for Natural Hazards services

Chief Scientist - Climate, Atmosphere and Hazards

Andrew is Chief Scientist - Climate, Atmosphere and Hazards. His research areas of interest are climate change impacts and implications, adaptation to climate change, spatial modelling of climate, and sector and business applications of climate data. Andrew is a lead author of the Australasia chapter of the IPCC Fifth Assessment WGII Report, a member of the WMO Commission for Climatology (CCl) executive, co-chair of the WMO Focus Area on 'Climate Services for Societal Benefits', and the chair of the Pacific Islands Climate Services Panel. He was seconded to MPI in 2017 to contribute to the Primary Sector Science Roadmap and seconded to DOC from 2017-2019 to interact with researchers, managers, operations staff and the policy team to improve the understanding and use of climate data and information throughout the Department.


Full Staff List

Staff member Position
Dr Michael Allis Coastal Engineer Email Dr Michael Allis
Dr Philip Barnes Principal Scientist - Marine Geology Email Dr Philip Barnes
Dr Rob Bell Principal Scientist - Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes Email Dr Rob Bell
Jochen Bind Hydrodynamics and GIS Technician Email Jochen Bind
Dr Cyprien Bosserelle Hydrodynamics Modeller Email Dr Cyprien Bosserelle
Tony Bromley Principal Technician - Atmosphere Email Tony Bromley
Dr Trevor Carey-Smith Climate Scientist Email Dr Trevor Carey-Smith
Amelia Connell Office Adminstrator & Personal Assistant Email Amelia Connell
Dr Sam Dean Principal Scientist - Climate Email Dr Sam Dean
Maurice Duncan Hydrologist Email Maurice Duncan
Chris Eager Coastal Technician Email Chris Eager
Dr Richard Gorman Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes Scientist Email Dr Richard Gorman
Matthew Hayward Student Email Matthew Hayward
Roddy Henderson Hydrologist Email Roddy Henderson
Dr Darren King Regional Manager - Nelson Email Dr Darren King
Dr Emily Lane Hydrodynamics Scientist Email Dr Emily Lane
Andrea Mari Research Software Engineer Email Andrea Mari
Dr Alistair McKerchar Hydrologist Email Dr Alistair McKerchar
Richard Measures Hydrodynamics Scientist Email Richard Measures
Bernard Miville Manager Operational Forecasting Email Bernard Miville
Dr Joshu Mountjoy Marine Geologist Email Dr Joshu Mountjoy
Ron Ovenden Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes Technician Email Ron Ovenden
Ryan Paulik Hazards Analyst Email Ryan Paulik
George Payne Principal Technician - Water Quality Email George Payne
Doug Ramsay Manager, Pacific Rim Email Doug Ramsay
Glen Reeve Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes Technician Email Glen Reeve
Dr Helen Rouse Regional Manager - Christchurch Email Dr Helen Rouse
Dr Shailesh Singh Hydrologist Email Dr Shailesh Singh
Dr Scott Stephens Assistant Regional Manager - Hamilton Email Dr Scott Stephens
Julian Sykes Freshwater Ecology and GIS Technician Email Julian Sykes
Kathy Walter Principal Technician - Environmental Information Email Kathy Walter
Dr Shaun Williams Hazard Analyst Email Dr Shaun Williams
Jeanne Wissing Personal Assistant Email Jeanne Wissing
Dr Christian Zammit Hydrologist Email Dr Christian Zammit


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