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Freshwater species - publications

These are some recent publications related to the freshwater species ecology and management programme.


Magaju, D., Montgomery, J., Franklin, P., Baker, C., Friedrich, H. A new framework for assessing roughness elements in promoting fish passage at low-head instream structures. Journal of Ecohydraulics. 

Riva-Rossi, C., Barrasso, D.A., Baker, C., Quiroga, A.P., Baigún, C., Basso, N.G. Revalidation of the Argentinian pouched lamprey Geotria macrostoma (Burmeister, 1868) with molecular and morphological evidence. PLOS ONE.

Hofstra, D., Schoelynck, J., Ferrell, J., Coetze, J., de Winton, M., O.Bickel, T., Champion, P., Madsen, J., Bakker, E.S., Hilth, S., Matheson, F., Netherland, M., Gross, E.M. On the move: New insights on the ecology and management of native and alien macrophytes. Aquatic Botany, Volume 162.


Knapp, M., Montgomery, J., Whittaker, C., Franklin, P., Baker, C., Friedrich, H. Fish passage hydrodynamics: insights into overcoming migration challenges for small-bodied fish. Journal of Ecohydraulics, Volume 4 - Issue 1: 43-55.

Franklin, P., Gee, E. Living in an amphidromous world: Perspectives on the management of fish passage from an island nation. Aquatic Conservation Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, Volume 29 - Issue 9: 1424-1437.

Whitehead, A., Cameron, A., Veloz, S., Kukkala, A., Moilanen, A., Gordon, A., Lentini, P.E., Cadenhead, N.C.R., Bekessy, S.A. Global synthesis of conservation studies reveals the importance of small habitat patches for biodiversity. PNAS, Volume 16 (3): 909-914.

Egan, E., Hickford, M., Schiel, D. Understanding the life histories of amphidromous fish by integrating otolith‐derived growth reconstructions, post‐larval migrations and reproductive traits. Aquatic Conservation Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, Volume 29 - Issue 9: 1391-1402.


Wilkes, M.A., Webb, J.A., Pompeu, P.S., Silva, L.G.M., Vowles, A.S., Baker, C.F., Franklin, P., Link, O., Habit, E., Kemp, P.S. Not just a migration problem: M etapopulations, habitat shifts, and gene flow are also important for fishway science and management. River Research and Applications, Volume 35 - Issue 10: 1688-1696.

Birnie‐Gauvin, K., Franklin, P., Wilkes, M., Aarestrup, K. Moving beyond fitting fish into equations: Progressing the fish passage debate in the Anthropocene. Aquatic Conservation Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, Volume 29 - Issue 7: 1095-1105. 


Baker, C., Jellyman, D., Reeve, K., Crow, S., Stewart, M., Buchinger, T., Lic W. First observations of spawning nests in the pouched lamprey (Geotria australis). Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Volume 74, Number 10: 1603-1611.

Baker, C., Reeve, K., Baars, D., Jellyman, D., Franklin, P. Efficacy of 12-mm Half-Duplex Passive Integrated Transponder Tags in Monitoring Fish Movements through Stationary Antenna Systems. North American Journal of Fisheries Management Volume 37- Issue 6: 1289-1298. 

Collier, K.J., Baker, C.,  David, B.O., Górski, K., Pingram, M.A. Linking ecological science with management outcomes on New Zealand's longest river. River Research and Applications, Volume 35 - Issue 5: 476-488.

Whitehead, A., Kujala, H., Wintle, B.A. Dealing with Cumulative Biodiversity Impacts in Strategic Environmental Assessment: A New Frontier for Conservation Planning. Conservation Letters: A journal of the Society for Conservation Biology, Volume10 - Issue 2: 195-204.


Franklin, P., Smith, J., Baker, C., Bartels, B., Reeve, K. 2015. First observations on the timing and location of giant kōkopu (Galaxias argenteus) spawning. New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research, Volume 49 - Issue 3: 419-426.