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Aquatic invertebrate traits database

Approximately 500 Aquatic invertebrate taxa are described in this database, with 16 broad trait categories (e.g., body size, life expectancy, propensity for dispersal etc.) further divided into 4–5 subcategories, all housed within an Excel framework. Within each of these sub-categories a score of 0–3 is given, depending on the strength of the trait expressed by a particular organism.

Filters are provided in the database to select trait category values, to assist with the identification of specimens. 

The database is provided as a read-only Excel file, however contributions and updates are welcomed from freshwater researchers. 

Download the report: New Zealand Freshwater Macroinvertebrate Trait Database Report [500KB PDF]


Download the New Zealand trait database 


Examples of some of the invertebrates described in the database:

Stonefly larvae. Credit: Brian Smith.

Adult caddisfly Hydropsychidae


Freshwater Biologist
Mayfly. Credit: Brian Smith