New freshwater species programme

A new programme at NIWA will focus on finding ways to protect our freshwater species now and in the future.

Dr Paul Franklin, a freshwater ecologist at NIWA since 2008, is leading the freshwater species ecology and management programme.

“New Zealand has some amazing freshwater species that are only found here, and many are classed as being in decline or vulnerable to extinction."

“Our research will investigate how our freshwater species reproduce, survive and thrive. It will also look at how human activities impact life in our rivers and the actions we can take to protect and reverse declines in our iconic freshwater species.” says Dr Franklin.

Dr Scott Larned, Chief Scientist Freshwater and Estuaries at NIWA says the research into the ecology and management of our freshwater species is vitally important to ensure we continue to have healthy freshwater ecosystems.

“There is a delicate balance that exists within our freshwater environments that can be threatened by many factors - introduced pest species, chemical pollution and habitat destruction are a few. The only way we can manage and maintain this balance is to first understand what conditions contribute to either healthy or unhealthy populations.”

Find out more about the freshwater species ecology and management programme and areas of research.

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Chief Scientist - Freshwater and Estuaries
Programme leader Paul Franklin releasing a tagged longfin eel back into the water at Port Waikato [Photo: Stuart Mackay, NIWA]