Hazards in the Tasman Sea

You’ll be blown away by what these women in science are up to onboard this RV Tangaroa voyage to the Tasman Sea.

Hazards in the Tasman Sea

Landslides happen in the ocean just like they happen on land and this multi-disciplinary research expedition is looking at what that may mean for the waters off the Taranaki Coast.

Six large-scale slope collapse units (up to 4,000 km3) have been mapped offshore Taranaki-Waikato using 3D seismic data. However, we know very little about these complex processes, which substantially reduces reliability of hazard assessments and thus our preparedness. 

Acquisition of new marine geophysical and sedimentological data is critical to address this knowledge gap and help include submarine landslide-generated tsunami in future New Zealand tsunami hazard assessments.

This project is a collaboration between NIWA, GNS, University of Auckland and University of Newcastle. For more information: https://niwa.co.nz/our-science/voyages/2022-tasman-sea-tsunami