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My Coastal Futures online game

As our climate is changing, the sea is rising and storms are causing greater damage to our coast.

The My Coastal Futures game was developed by NIWA, alongside Hum Interactive and Geo AR Games, to help people understand climate change impacts and start thinking about how they might adapt. It provides players with the experience of making decisions about their coastal property as the sea level rises.

The game

My Coastal Futures can be played by anyone in a little over 5 minutes. It works best for people over 10, but a younger child could play with guidance.  

You can play the game online, on any device with a web browser, at

What are my options?

Today there are many options available to you, your whānau or community to adapt to climate change.

You will need to think about how you combine and time your choices, often referred to as ‘pathways’. And it is important to consider the limits of any option. What matters most to you and your community is important – these are the things you will try hardest to protect. You may be more willing to make compromises around the things that matter less.

In this game, you can build a seawall, move your house back on the section or move elsewhere. What you choose is up to you but watch out - things can change quickly! Spend your money wisely to determine your coastal future.

The things we can do to combat climate change, individually, and alongside our whānau, school and community, can and will make a difference.