IrriSET - Irrigation Strategy Evaluation Tool

A tool to future-proof irrigation under a changing climate

Projections of New Zealand’s future climate predict a drier east and a wetter west for both islands, and a drier north of North Island. These are also important primary sector production regions. Increasingly, irrigation and water storage are presented as options to mitigate and adapt to climate change impacts on the primary sector.

NIWA and Perrin Ag developed a nationally applicable strategy tool, IrriSET, to assess the future of irrigation under a changing climate. IrriSET helps farmers to understand the economic viability and environmental efficiency of various irrigation strategies and prioritise their irrigation investments.

The development of IrriSET was funded by the MBIE Endeavour Programme Justified Irrigation (called Irrigation Insight) and MPI’s SLMACC project Future proofing irrigation under climate change.

IrriSET explores strategic questions such as:

  • how would climate change impact my current irrigation capabilities? (What do I need to be prepared for with respect to demand and supply?)
  • is my irrigation restricted because of infrastructure inability to irrigate as required to avoid dry soil conditions and reduce drainage?
  • are irrigation supplies a barrier to improve my irrigation practices? (Do I need to enhance my supply with an additional source such as a pond?)



To access IrriSET email: [email protected]