Crayfish catch sampling

Catch sampling allows NIWA observers to sample the catch from rock lobster (crayfish) fishing vessels. They record information such as tail width, sex and stage of maturity on all pots lifted during a fishing day, along with details on the vessel, fishing area, date and landed catch.

Typically NIWA has collected 27 samples from Ngawi (19) and Wellington (8) every fishing year. This is data collected for the New Zealand Rock Lobster Industry Council (NZ RLIC Ltd.) under a contract for the Ministry for Primary industries (MPI).

These types of stock assessments are important to help keep track of how populations are doing over time, which helps inform decisions on catch limits and quotas.

Did you know?

“Berried female” refers to a female bearing eggs attached to the abdominal appendages.

“Spent female”, refers to a female that has spawned, and has released their eggs.