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Mass of Seawater = w(sw) [kg]

Volume of Manometer = Vman [cm3]

Manometer Temperature = T [°C]

Manometer Pressure = Pfinal [Pa]

Pressure transducer zero = Po [Pa]

Universal Gas Constant = R = 8.314 J K-1 mol-1

Virial Co-efficient B(CO2) [cm3 mol-1] B = 1636.75+(12.0408*(T+273.16))-(0.0327957*(T+273.16)2)+(0.0000316528*(T+273.16)3)

Vm(CO2 at manometer T and P) [m3] – calculate iteratively, initial Vm = 0.22264 =R*(T+273.16)/((Pfinal - Po))*(1+(B*0.000001/Vm))

CT [µmol kg-1] = (Vman/Vm) / (w(sw) /1000)