Fact sheet for HPCF

Three Cray supercomputers —Māui, Mahuika and Kupe—make up the High Performance Computing Facility.

  • Māui and Mahuika are housed at NIWA’s Wellington campus. Kupe is sited at the University of Auckland's Tamaki Data Centre.  
  • Together the three computers are capable of processing more than two thousand trillion calculations per second.
  • The HPCF contains more than 14 petabytes of high performance storage along with 200 petabytes of archive storage and all scientific data is fully backed up.
  • The facility housing Māui and Mahuika features the latest heat transfer technology cutting cooling costs by half.  
  • The facility has been specially constructed to withstand both seismic and tsunami threats.



Cray XC50-LC Supercomputer

  • 18,650 × 2.4GHz Intel Skylake cores
  • 66.8 Terabytes of memory

Cray CS500 Virtual Labs Cluster

  • 1,120 × 2.4Ghz Intel Skylake cores
  • 21.5 Terabytes of memory


Cray CS400 Cluster High Performance Computer

  • 8,424 × 2.1GHz Intel Broadwell cores
  • 30.0 Terabytes of memory

Cray CS400 Virtual Labs Cluster

  • 640 × 2.1GHz Intel Broadwell Cores
  • 12.3 Terabytes of memory

Shared Storage – Māui and Mahuika

  • IBM ESS Disk and SSD Storage
  • 11 Petabytes of disk


Cray XC50-AC Supercomputer 

  • 4,160 × 2.4GHz Intel Skylake cores
  • 10 Terabytes of memory

Cray CS500 Virtual Labs Cluster

  • 440 × 2.4GHz Intel Skylake cores
  • 8.5 Terabytes of memory


  • IBM ESS Disk and SSD
  • 4 Petabytes

Holds a copy of all archived scientific data on Māui and Mahuika.