Rainy Wellington days

Wellingtonians have had to take their umbrella with them on most Sundays this year but have stayed dry most on Thursdays.

A rain day is defined as 24 hours in which at least 1 millimetre of rain fell. A day is recorded for a 24 hour period from 9am to 9am. The rain fall measurements were recorded at Wellington Airport.

The results show:

There have been only 8 Thursdays this year where more than 1mm of rain was recorded.

Sundays and Mondays are the wettest days this year. 16 Sundays have been wet and 14 Mondays.

It has rained twice as often on Sunday as on Thursday in 2008.

Half of the Sundays this year (2008) have been wet - 16 in total.

Since the start of May at least half of the days have been rain days in Wellington - where more than 1mm of rain has fallen.

Wet days in Wellington 2008.