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Cost-effective sampling for urban streams and stormwater

Water quality in urban streams and stormwater systems is frequently poor and highly variable, across both space and time. Traditional monthly grab sampling is rarely adequate to characterise contaminant concentrations during wet weather events.  

This section provides guidance on methods to sample urban waters that are cost-effective and improve the current monitoring of water quality in urban waterways across New Zealand. The information is intended to assist practitioners that need information on water quality sampling in urban waterways, including scientists, monitoring officers and resource consent planners.

This guidance was developed with funding from an MBIE Envirolink Tool grant (MBIE contract number C01X1701).

Please email us if you would like further information.

DGTs contained within acrylic plate with temperature recorder attached. [Stuart Mackay]
Stormwater sampler bottles attached to a waratah stake at different heights in a stream. [Stuart Mackay]