Good practice guide for waste stabilization ponds: design and operation

Water New Zealand has recently published an update and expansion of the old Ministry of Works Guidelines for Oxidation Ponds 1974. 

Waste Stabilisation Ponds are one of the most energy efficient and cost-effective wastewater treatment systems available. The guide should be of great value to the industry by drawing on current best operation practices and recent cutting-edge research. It has been primarily written for those involved in wastewater treatment pond management and operations: local authorities, regional councils, and wastewater systems operations personnel. The guide includes basic aspects of pond design, planning, cultural acceptance, and regulations as well as pond operation, performance management and upgrade options.

Waste Stabilisation Ponds: Good Practice Guide

The “Good Practice Guide for Waste Stabilisation Ponds: Design and Operation 2017” was lead authored by Nick Walmsley (Water New Zealand) with assistance from Dr Rupert Craggs (NIWA), Humphrey Archer (CH2M Beca Ltd), Gilles Altner (Global Environmental Engineering Ltd), John Wong and Regan Senior (Parklink), and Hugh Ratsey (The Wastewater Specialists). 

Further information

The new Water New Zealand WSP Guide and related material from recent workshops can be obtained by free download from Water New Zealand.


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