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Lesson seven: Air quality around the world

Different places have different air quality at different times. This lesson helps you find out about air quality around the world. 

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Generally, air quality in Aotearoa New Zealand is pretty good. Winter evenings, when people have their fires going are usually the most polluted time.  

But what about other places in the world? 

Different places have different air quality at different times. We can explore this through a number of websites – some of these are listed below: 

Key summary points 

  • Air quality varies with time and space. 
  • Worldwide air quality data can be found online. 

Activity: Explore air quality around the world 

There are several websites that tell you what air quality is like right now all around the world. 

Take a look at this one: World's Air Pollution: Real-time Air Quality Index 

The following video shows you how to use this website: 

  • Search for a city you have been to or would like to go one day. 
  • Can you find the best air quality right now? 
  • Can you find the worst air quality right now? Why may that be? Have a look at What’s in the air? for clues or do some research and search the city online. 

Now compare the Air Quality Index (AQI) in different places. You can record the index and create a bar chart or write a short report. Why not compare: 

  • Big cities and small cities. 
  • Coastal and inland cities. 
  • Air quality in places you or your whānau are from. 

Feel free to explore any other ideas or questions you have. 

Quiz: Air quality around the world 

Check out our air quality quiz over on Kahoot

The quiz works best on Kahoot, but if you prefer a text version, you can download it as a PDF.

Worksheet: Air quality around the world

Download worksheet.


Principal Scientist - Air Quality