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Chief Scientist - Climate, Atmosphere and Hazards
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Sam is the Chief Scientist for the Climate and Atmosphere Centre. He is an expert on using climate models to understand the drivers of climate variability in New Zealand and Antarctica, and in particular human-induced climate change. His research has been able to identify the contribution of human-induced warming to intensifying current New Zealand weather extremes, including droughts and floods. Recently he has been part of a team investigating the interactions between Antarctic sea-ice, atmospheric circulation and the Southern Ocean. He joined NIWA in 2006 and commenced his current role as Chief Scientist in 2015.

Full Staff List

Position Email Phone (external)
Mr Tony Bromley Principal Technician - Atmosphere +64-4-386-0340
Dr Trevor Carey-Smith Climate Scientist +64-4-386-0394
Dr Sam Dean Chief Scientist - Climate, Atmosphere and Hazards +64-4-386-0368
Mr Wills Dobson Atmospheric Technician +64-3-440-0406
Dr Nicolas Fauc... Climate Scientist +64-7-859-1868
Mr Andrew Harper Principal Technician - Climate +64-3-343-7824
Mr Darren King Environmental Scientist +64-9-375-2086
Mr Michael Kotkamp Atmospheric Technician +64-3-440-0434
Mr Errol Lewthwaite Principal Technician - Climate +64-4-386-0472
Mr Ben Liley Atmospheric Scientist +64-3-440-0427
Dr Andrew Lorrey Climate Scientist +64-9-375-2055
Mr Gregor Macara Climate Scientist +64-4-386-0509
Mr Ross Martin Principal Technician - Atmosphere +64-4-386-0384
Dr Richard McKenzie Emeritus Researcher – Atmospheric Radiation +64-3-440-0429
Dr Sara Mikalof... Atmosphere-Ocean Scientist +64-4-386-0924
Mr Aran Mol Climate Database Scientist +64-4-386-0317
Dr Olaf Morgenstern Principal Scientist - Atmosphere and Climate +64-4-386-0928
Dr Brett Mullan Principal Scientist - Climate +64-4-386-0508
Ms Sylvia Nichol Atmospheric Scientist +64-4-386-0396
Mr Alan Porteous Climate Scientist +64-4-386-0533
Mr John Robinson Principal Technician - Atmosphere +64-3-440-0433
Ms Hisako Shiona Atmospheric Technician +64-3-343-7860
Mrs Seema Singh Climate Technician +64-4-386-0494
Mr Dan Smale Principal Technician - Atmosphere +64-3-440-0424
Dr Abha Sood Climate Scientist +64-4-386-0577
Mr Stephen Stuart Climate Scientist +64-4-386-0353
Dr Andrew Tait Principal Scientist - Climate +64-4-386-0562
Mr Alan Thomas Principal Technician - Atmosphere +64-3-440-0438
Mrs Linda Wang Climate Technician +64-4-386-0512
Dr Jonny Williams Climate Scientist +64-4-386-0303
Dr Mike Williams Principal Scientist - Marine Physics +64-4-386-0389
Dr Guang Zeng Atmospheric Scientist +64-4-386-0929