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Community air: Air quality issues in NZ towns

Community Air is a family of research studies, community projects and commercial services that empower local communities to engage with, assess and tackle local air quality issues.

Community Air projects cover four themes:

  • Air Aware  – learning experiences to build awareness.
  • Air Grid – using the latest grid monitoring technology to map air quality in fine detail.
  • Air Watch – empowering the public to monitor air quality in their homes, classrooms and neighbourhoods.
  • Air Action – enabling householders and building managers to trial air quality solutions.

Community Air packages can be designed for the needs of specific communities. We work with regional councils, education providers, health service providers and other researchers.

Community Air projects can range from training and activity days for schools to major, multi-year initiatives to transform air local quality.

If you’re interested in bringing any part of Community Air to your community please get in touch.


Principal Scientist - Air Quality