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Air Action: enabling householders and building managers to trial air quality solutions

NIWA is developing monitoring-based platforms for evaluating air quality solutions for homes, smaller buildings and communities. Solutions may include assessment of HVAC technologies, changes in ventilation practice, switch-overs to low-emission heating and/or air filtration technologies.

Air Action projects are developed in partnership with key stakeholders, such as businesses, health service providers, places of education and local government. If you have an idea – please get in touch.

Our first Air Action pilot projects were launched in 2023. Find out more.

  • Community Air Action South Invercargill (2023) – pilot trial of portable air cleaners in homes (coming soon)
  • Clearing the Air (2023) – Assessing and improving ventilation behaviour in spaces used by Māori, Pasifika and vulnerable persons (coming soon)

A portable air cleaner and motion sensor, part of the technology under trial within Air Action.

Project leader Dr Ian Longley demonstrates a portable air cleaner to an Air Action volunteer. Photo credit: Rebekah Parsons-King / NIWA

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18 October 2023