Publicly available data and publications

NIWA makes available and regularly updates results from several greenhouse gas measurement projects.

 NIWA makes available and regularly updates results from several greenhouse gas measurement projects.

Publicly available data

Publications since 2004

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Publicly available data

NIWA makes available and regularly updates results from several greenhouse gas measurement projects in two forms.

  • Tabular data: Data that have been carefully checked are available in tabular form via our anonymous FTP site as selected trace gas and associated data sets. This generally includes data used in our scientific publications as well as some unpublished data. Users of this data should be familiar with the underlying scientific literature and begin by reading the “README.doc” file in the "tropac" directory. Use of our data should always cite its origin as described in the “readme.txt” or “readme.doc” files closest to the corresponding data files in the directory tree underneath “tropac”.
  • Graphical summaries: records above are also available as graphical summaries. Some of these summary graphs include preliminary data that is not yet released in tabular form.

Anonymous FTP site

Publications since 2004

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Recently attended conferences and workshops

Workshop on Carbon Dynamics and Greenhouse Gas Exchange in Japanese and New Zealand Pasture Ecosystems, Lincoln University, Christchurch, New Zealand (Feb 2015):

Top-down meets bottom up - studies in CO2 and N2O exchange at paddock and landscape scales. Harvey, M., Steinkamp, K., Mikaloff-Fletcher, S.

Meteorological Society of New Zealand Annual Conference, Wellington, New Zealand (Nov 2014):

Deepwave - life as a "Haastage". Gray, S., Bromley, T.

Methane source variability constrained by Antarctic and global isotope measurements. Schaefer, H., Mikaloff Fletcher, S.E., Lassey, K.R., Brailsford, G., Bromley, T., Levin, I., Lowe, D., Martin, R.C., Vaughn, B.H., Veidt, C., White, J.

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) Primary Science Teacher Fellowship 2014. Webb, A.

No moving parts - transitioning from cup to ultrasonic sensors at Baring Head. Harvey, M.J., Buxton, Z.J., Bromley, A.M., Gray, S.

Wairarapa Balloon Festival 2014: meteorological aspects. Bromley, T., Revell, M., Moss, R.

Western Pacific atmospheric nutrient deposition fluxes: their impact on surface ocean productivity. Bromley, T., Martineo, M., Hamilton, D., Baker, A., Jickells, T., Nojiri, Y., Boyd, P.

Atmospheric Composition & Chemistry Observations & Modelling Conference, incorporating the Cape Grim Annual Science Meeting 2014, CSIRO, Aspendale, Australia (Nov 2014):

First in situ measurements of glyoxal and methylglyoxal over the remote temperate oceans. Lawson, S., Selleck, P., Galbally, I., Keywood, M., Harvey, M., Lerot, C., Helmig, D., Ristovski, Z.

Observation of internally mixed volatile and non-volatile organic sea spray from the Chatham Rise, New Zealand. Cravigan, L., Mallet, M., Talbot, N., Olivares, G., Harvey, M., Law, C., Ristovski, Z.D.

Surface Ocean Aerosol Production (SOAP). Harvey, M., Law, C., Smith, M., Walker, C., Bell, T., Lawson, S., and the SOAP team Surface Ocean Aerosol Production (SOAP)

21st Century Watershed Technology Conference and Workshop: Improving Water Quality and the Environment, Hamilton, New Zealand (Nov 2014):

Atmospheric deposition of nutrients in lakes in New Zealand as a proportion of total nutrient loads. Verburg, P., Wadwha, S., Semadeni-Davies, A., Elliott, S., Harvey, M., Schallenberg, M.

Earth Observation for Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions Science 2014, Frascati, Italy (Oct 2014):

Surface ocean aerosol production in the south-west Pacific. Law, C., Harvey, M., Smith, M., Bell, T., Landwehr, S., Lawson, S., Cravigan, L., Lizotte, M., and the SOAP Team

SCAR Open Science Conference, Auckland, New Zealand (Aug 2014):

Methane source variability constrained by Antarctic and global isotope measurements. Schaefer, H., Mikaloff Fletcher, S.E., Lassey, K.R., Brailsford, G., Bromley, T., Levin, I., Lowe, D., Martin, R.C., Vaughn, B.H., Veidt, C., White, J.

Annual Joint NDACC-IRWG & TCCON Workshop, Bad Sulza, Germany (May 2014):

Comparison of troXCH4 derived from FTIR and model data. Wang, Z., Sherlock, V.

Determination of tropospheric methane from TCCON CH4 and HF total columns. Saad, K., Sherlock, V.

NIWA MIR-FTIR program: Lauder & Arrival Heights site reports. Smale, D., Robinson, J., Sherlock, V., Liley, B., Shiona, H., McKenzie, K., Pio, I.

Retrieval of ammonia from ground-based FTIR measurements and comparison with IASI. Dammers, E., Smale, D.

Total column MIR retrieval of CO2 comparison to TCCON. Buschmann, M., Smale, D., Sherlock, V., Robinson, J.

Validation results of five-year GOSAT SWIR XCO2 and XCH4 data. Uchino, O., Sherlock, V.

7th New Zealand Ocean Acidification Workshop, Wellington, New Zealand (Feb 2014):

Estimating carbonate concentrations south of the Polar Front. Mikaloff Fletcher, S.E., Bostock, H., Williams, M.