Atmosphere key contacts

Find contacts for expertise in New Zealand's atmospheric composition, greenhouse gases and air quality.

Air Quality Scientist
Ian leads the programme "Impacts of AIr Pollutants". He has worked in air quality research at NIWA since 2007 before which he conducted research in at the University of Manchester. Ian is a specialist in air pollution exposure science and the air quality impact of the built environment.
Principal Scientist-Marine Biogeochemistry
Cliff coordinates the Ocean-Atmosphere Research and advises the Chief Scientists of the Coast and Oceans, Atmosphere and Climate Centres. He currently contributes to international policy development on ocean fertilisation via the London Convention and national perspectives on ocean fertilisation and acidification via the NZ government Ocean Fertilisation stakeholder group and the NZ Royal Society. He is also a member of the Scientific Steering Committee for the IGBP program SOLAS (Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study). His current research interests include trace gas cycling and sources in coastal and open ocean regions, nutrient limitation of phytoplankton and impacts of ocean acidification. 
Principal Scientist - Atmosphere
Mike leads the research programme into Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Carbon Cycle Science. The programme makes observations at Baring Head and Lauder Global Atmospheric Watch (GAW) sites and a variety of remote platforms including research aircraft, research vessels and at remote Antarctic stations. Mike is an atmospheric scientist with expertise in natural and anthropogenic emissions and the processes transferring materials between the land/ocean and atmosphere. His research interests include nitrous oxide, the marine volatile DMS and natural aerosols. He is a member of the New Zealand IGBP committee and national GAW representative. 
Chief Scientist - Climate, Atmosphere and Hazards
Sam is the Chief Scientist for the Climate and Atmosphere Centre. He is an expert on using climate models to understand the drivers of climate variability in New Zealand and Antarctica, and in particular human-induced climate change. His research has been able to identify the contribution of human-induced warming to intensifying current New Zealand weather extremes, including droughts and floods. Recently he has been part of a team investigating the interactions between Antarctic sea-ice, atmospheric circulation and the Southern Ocean. He joined NIWA in 2006 and commenced his current role as Chief Scientist in 2015.
Climate Scientist
Petra's main research area is historical climatology, which involves recovering, digitizing (photographing/scanning) and keying historic weather records from New Zealand, the Pacific, and the Southern Ocean for input into global reanalyses (e.g. 20th Century Reanalysis).She produces climate change projection and impact guidance reports, maps, and GIS data for Regional Councils and other clients ( So far, she has worked on climate change guidance for Northland, Auckland, Horizons, Wellington, Tasman and Southland Regional Councils.She is the Project Manager for New Zealand climate summaries, which are issued monthly, seasonally, and annually to assess New Zealand’s recent climate over those timescales, and how this compares to the long-term climate record ( work involves analyzing climate data in the National Climate Database for various clients, predominantly in the construction and primary industries. She is also involved in NIWA's seasonal climate outlook products that are produced for the public as well as commercial clients, and the Island Climate Update ( Petra regularly gives presentations to schools and community groups about climate change.
Climate Research Scientist

Full Staff List

Position Email Phone (external)
Maria Augutis Meteorologist/Forecaster +64-9-375-2061
Gordon Brailsford Principal Technician - Atmosphere +64-4-386-0393
Tony Bromley Principal Technician - Atmosphere +64-4-386-0340
Amelia Connell Marine Biology Technician +64-4-386-0571
Dr Guy Coulson Air Quality Scientist +64-9-375-4503
Dr Kim Currie Marine Chemist +64-3-479-5249
Dr Sam Dean Chief Scientist - Climate, Atmosphere and Hazards +64-4-386-0368
Wills Dobson Atmospheric Technician +64-3-440-0406
Dr Sam Edwards Instrumentation Scientist +64-3-343-7802
Sally Gray Atmospheric Technician +64-4-386-0584
Dr Mike Harvey Principal Scientist - Atmosphere +64-4-386-0308
Ayushi Kachhara Air Quality Technician +64-9-375-2075
Michael Kotkamp Atmospheric Technician +64-3-440-0434
Dr Cliff Law Principal Scientist-Marine Biogeochemistry +64-4-386-0478
Ben Liley Atmospheric Scientist +64-3-440-0427
Dr Ian Longley Air Quality Scientist +64-9-375-2096
Andrew Marriner Ocean-Atmosphere Technician +64-4-386-0919
Ross Martin Principal Technician - Atmosphere +64-4-386-0384
Dr John McGregor Ocean-Atmosphere Physicist +64-4-386-0475
Dr Richard McKenzie Emeritus Researcher – Atmospheric Radiation +64-3-440-0429
Dr Sara Mikaloff-Fletcher Atmosphere-Ocean Scientist +64-4-386-0924
Dr Olaf Morgenstern Principal Scientist - Atmosphere and Climate +64-4-386-0928
Rowena Moss Principal Technician - Atmosphere +64-4-386-0534
Colin Nankivell Atmospheric Technician +64-4-386-0327
Sylvia Nichol Atmospheric Scientist +64-4-386-0396
Gustavo Olivares Air Quality Scientist +64-9-375-2082
Dave Pollard Atmospheric Scientist +64-3-440-0402
Dr Richard Querel Atmospheric Scientist +64-3-440-0400
John Robinson Principal Technician - Atmosphere +64-3-440-0433
Dr Hinrich schaefer Atmospheric Scientist +64-4-386-0399
Hisako Shiona Atmospheric Technician +64-3-343-7860
Dan Smale Principal Technician - Atmosphere +64-3-440-0424
Dr Elizabeth Somervell Air Quality Scientist +64-9-375-2038
Dr Peter Sperlich Atmospheric Scientist +6443860855
Dr Jonny Williams Climate Scientist +64-4-386-0303
Dr Ed -Yang Yang Meteorologist +64-4-386-0474
Dr Guang Zeng Atmospheric Scientist +64-4-386-0929