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Ngā Waihotanga Iho - The Estuary Monitoring Toolkit

The main purpose of Ngā Waihotanga Iho is to provide tools for tangata whenua to measure environmental changes that occur in estuaries over time. These changes may occur due to natural processes and/or human activities.

Ngā Waihotanga Iho in action
The science-based tools in Ngā Waihotanga Iho complement traditional knowledge and kaitiakitanga that have been practised by tangata whenua for centuries. In this context, Ngā Waihotanga Iho provides a science perspective for talking about environmental issues and concerns related to estuaries.

Ngā Waihotanga Iho is divided into six modules, each monitoring different aspects of your estuary. The toolkit was developed so that you can use the modules separately or together, but it’s important to read the introductory information "Getting Started" first before using any of the modules.

Each module begins with introductory background information and then provides methods for measuring and monitoring a particular aspects of your estuary. Each module also includes links to the New Zealand curriculum for schools and a glossary of terms.

We hope you enjoy using Ngā Waihotanga Iho and we welcome and appreciate any comments or feedback that you may have on the toolkit.